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Orchard sprayer HUSAR was constructed by a fruit grower with rich working experience in orchards and with machines used in agriculture.

There are many models of orchard sprayers on the market. You can name a lot of successful constructions. Unfortunately, most of them also have disadvantages, including cracking frame construction and axles, very uneven air distribution, high demand for tractor power, cracking wires, rusting etc.

  When using different models of sprayers I did not find one that would meet my expectations. That is why HUSAR was created.

The HUSAR sprayer was designed for my own use however...

... it met with the interest of fruit growers and therefore it went into production!

What does distinguish the HUSAR sprayer

Low power demand

The C-330 tractor is enough. It works well at low engine speeds (eg Ursus 2802 800-1200rpm) and PTO, which consumes a small amount of fuel, and the tractor and the sprayer do not wear much, because they do light work.

A unique column

Which does not rust, made of resin (just like the tank). It has 2 fans with reversed air draft, and the bottom fan axis is located at the top of the sprayer’s tank.

We use technical solutions which have been used for many years without failure in various agricultural machines.

The frame is made of strong metallurgical steel.

Drawbar and axle made of thick quality steel.

Steerable drawbar is beared and oiled.

A three-chamber resin water tank (polyester-glass plastic).

There is a large container for plant protection products that can hold up to several 20 liter cans between the column and the tank.

A unique two-fan column
The 3.25 m high column with a reverse controlled air flow eliminates blow-outs and air holes. As a result, the machine evenly sprays the liquid on both sides at the entire height of the column.
The bottom fan has good performance because it is not throttled with the tank. Its axis is at the height of the top of the tank. This solution does not allow you to draw leaves, mud etc. from the ground.
It is resistant to wind and plant protection products
The column is resistant to environmental conditions, the action of plant protection products, it does not rust, because it is made of polyester-glass plastic. It's easy to keep it clean. Thanks to this design, you do not have to wait for windless weather to spray the orchard.



  • three-chamber resin tank with capacities 1000, 1500, 2000 L
  • Annovi Reverberi pump 120 L/min
  • Bymatic control valve
  • straight drawbar
  • galvanized frame
  • container for transporting plant protection products
  • one axis
  • two-fan column
  • wheels 260 / 75-15, 3, hockey tread, 14-ply tires



  • tank with a capacity of 2000 L + (0.7 m3 capacity for the foam)
  • pumps with a capacity of 130, 150, 170, 200 L / min
  • additional axis
  • steerable drawbar
  • homokinetic shaft
  • wide tires
  • LED backlighting of sprayer nozzles
  • control of solenoid valves
  • flowmeter
  • TeeJet, Arag and Gotrack computer

Other options are also available for individual orders that are not listed here.

On the structure, adapted to my own needs, I did not save and for sale.

HUSAR sprayers are already working in Polish orchards and can work for you !

We offer warranty and post-warranty service. The warranty covers 24 months from the purchase of the sprayer.


HUSAR Łukasz Dominiak
Zimnice, ul. Piekarska 44, 96-323 Osuchów, POLAND


tel.: +48 501-169-258